Tack Sales

Every tack store within my vicinity (and a one just a mouse click away) seems to be having spring sales right now. This is a-ok by me, because I actually need quite a few things: a show coat for example, show shirt, show breeches, and miscellaneous show goods. My first stop was Greenhawk this Sunday as their show clothes were 40% off.

I tried on a couple of the Greenhawk brand ‘Elation’ show coats. I didn’t care for the fit, and honestly find they’re sized on the smaller size. Works for some people, just not for me. I ended up finding a Kerrits show coat on clearance, and it was actually one I had seen online and really liked. It’s a black coat with white piping along the collar and on the pockets. The piping looks really classy, and has enough flash for my taste to keep me happy. The coat was on clearance for about 35% off, and it was an additional 15% off clearance, meaning I saved nearly 50%!

I also found a nice Elation show shirt on the clearance rack, it as originally $30 clearance, plus 15% off made it $25. So yeah, I scored HUGE in the show clothes department.

Clothing wise I also purchased my very first, and definitely not last pair of Dreamers and Schemers boot socks. I am in LOVE. they’re nice and fitted, come in great prints, and don’t sit so tall I would think you could see the top poke above my boot, nor too low that they cut off the circulation to my calf. I have worn and washed them a few times now and they hold their shape and clean up great. I bought the horses with glasses, because why not have serious horses when you’re doing some serious work?

Very smart looking ponies

I purchased a few more odds and ends at Greenhawk: a solo comb to pull manes, elastic bungees, a 3 ring elevator french link bit (more on this later), and a medical armband. All in all a very successful shopping spree.

Then I noticed one of my favourite tack stores, Sprucewood, was having a sale. Honestly I had known for a while (hello e-mail blasts) but I was avoiding it because I was very specifically set on show clothes only and dead set on the Greenhawk sale. I decided to take a peek at their sales Sunday and noticed they had the Neue Schule bits on sale.

I have been interested in trying one for a while now, as Dawn goes well in her Sprenger KK ultra, but maybe could go better in something else. So, being on sale, I decided to bite the bullet and buy one.

I ended up purchasing the loose ring verbindend in a 12mm. Dawn has a pretty big tongue, so I try for smaller moutpieces that don’t take up a ton of room. The verbindend peeked my interest specifically because it says: ” Greatly clarifies and emphasises the signals through the rein. Promoting self carriage and throughness, a true outline and freedom through the shoulder can be developed. The Verbindend has consistently helped eradicate tongue evasions, encouraging the horse to soften and relax through the jaw. The cleverly curved mouthpiece can also enhance the development of the bend for lateral work and smaller circles. This dressage legal snaffle is not severe, so if you are a pleasure rider and simply wish to lift the forehand then this bit is a logical choice.

I liked it best for what I have bolded above. Dawn has very powerful shoulders, and likes to use her front end to do 90% of her work over her hind end. She will also hold her mouth very tight and rigid instead of softening. I’m hoping with the new way of riding and this bit, things will change.

The bit arrived today, so I’ll be trying it out and doing a review within the next few says!

Hello Beautiful!

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