My Last 3 Day Weekend, Some Shopping, and Some Riding

I finished up my last 3 day weekend with an extra long 4 day weekend thanks for the holiday today. So basically, I had a mini week of vacation as I switch from my old job to my new job, which I start tomorrow. Naturally, much of my weekend was filled with all things horses.

4day weekend
My Face

Friday was the farrier day, so I made my way out to the barn to wait. Dawn was in, as her paddock had ice falling off the roof of the barn into it and I just don’t need her to hurt herself again. The knock on her leg has fixed itself up, which is great because I was having some pretty terrifying visions of why her leg is swollen. I’m a little nervous with injuries and her since the SI debacle.

I waited for the farrier for a while, she unfortunately got held up at another farm and couldn’t make it out, so once I figure out my work schedule I will hopefully get her out. My new hours will be much easier to arrange things around, which will be lovely.

I had to go and purchase some new work boots for my job, and as fate would have it, Greenhawk carries the blundstone steel toe boots, so off to Greenhawk I went. I picked up my boots, and naturally had a look around. I ended up find a western bridle and reins on sale for $15. Yeah, FIFTEEN freaking dollars. I was over the moon about that. I also purchased a hackamore, because of the way Tribute chomps on his bit I thought he would go well in one. I rode him in it today and he seemed to be ok with it.

What a FREAKING cutie!

I Rode Tribute twice over the weekend, and the second time was a big improvement. He has a lot of anxiety right now centered around mounting, so I spent a lot of time on the block working around it. Eventually when I got on, it was a non issue. He was also very quiet today, did some good halting and easy walking, so over all improvement. He’s unfortunately the type of horse who if he has a long let down, comes back like he knows nothing. That’s where we’re at now, and I’m in no rush to hurry him back so baby steps it is.

Dawn had a slow weekend, I’m babying her slightly from the knock in the leg. I would much rather go slowly, and she seems to be totally fine now. I lunged her once this weekend and let me tell you, she went into her alter ego: fire breathing dragon. This is what I call it when she is so wound up, she snorts hard and loud and her breath steams like smoke. She also prefers to do a trot that a grand prix horse would be jealous of- somehow the biggest trot with the most suspension you could imagine. All while doing her dragon noises, which is fun.

I rode her today in my jump saddle and had one of the best rides I have had in a while. I have a feeling my dressage saddle needs a fitting, so I’ll be sticking to my jump saddle until I get that done. Even our canter- our transition was a bit strung out and jumpy, but it took her only a few strides to settle, rather than a few laps to somewhat settle. I had the best canter on her I have had in a good long while.


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