Snow(ice?)mageddon Round 3

Oh the weather outside is frightful… and nothing feels delightful with it. The weather today prevented me from getting to the barn. While the main roads aren’t the worst, side streets are as icy as can be around here, and I imagine worse out towards the barn. So I’m sitting at home grumbling about the weather.

I checked on Dawns leg last night and was very happy to see the swelling has gone down quite a bit. I hand walked her after I pulled her wraps which helped even more, then iced the leg and just wrapped it. It had the tiniest bit of warmth to it compared to the right, so it’s still working something out. She hasn’t gotten outside since it happened, and except for a 5 minute lunge to check soundness and her hand walk, she’s been on pretty strict stall rest. If it’s still swollen and warm when I can get to the barn tomorrow I’ll have to consider getting the vet out, but at least if it is something more sinister, I’m following the right protocol.

Needless to say, no lesson for me this week. I start a new job on Tuesday so my lessons will likely have to be changed around, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. I am pretty excited for my new job, it’s closer to the barn and better hours which means I’ll be riding at better times. No more super late nights after work for me! I think it will be perfect come summer when I can take better advantage of the nice weather.

I just keep reminding myself, only 35 days until spring. I can do it!

I miss you warm weather. Come back please.

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